Now You Can Create Your Own Apps

Get access to the TRUE app creation system… Simply Point,

Click and Fill in… Add text, games, quizzes, push notices, etc.

It’s Quick. It’s Easy. And it’s less than you think.

If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in creating apps, but you are stopped by:

  • Lack of AFFORDABLE information (especially creating apps)
  • Lack of AFFORDABLE tools (especially creating apps)
  • Brain fry or overwhelm… where do you start? (especially apps)
  • NO desire to make cold calls on local companies particularly for apps

Then pay close attention, because you’re in the right place.

Perhaps you want to create:

  • Info apps for fun & knowledge
  • Game apps (simple) for fun or learning
  • Apps for local businesses
  • Apps for YOUR business(es)
  • A social network app to be connected with friends
  • A shopping or affiliate app to earn from…
  • A directory app
  • A greeting card app

With CreateCoolApps, you can do all of these – quickly and easily.

You’re here because you’ve likely been hearing all the hype about apps – local apps, games, info apps, etc…. and how people are using them to make money. And then there’s lots of hype about Kindle books and Kindle apps.

You may be tired of hearing about it… or, maybe you’ve gotten involved yourself.

On the other side, you may be interested in getting involved, but you are stopped by lack of affordability as mentioned, (tools or information), brainfry or overwhelming information (where do you start?), or even lack of helpful tutorials.

You’ll find out momentarily how CreateCoolApps gives you the simple, affordable solution to these issues.

But first let’s take a quick look at current statistics:

  • As of the end of 2013, Google Play (Android Apps) and iTunes (Apple) had over 1,000,000 apps
  • Kindle currently has over 136,900 apps available for download (depending on the device version), and in April 2013,they opened it up to be available to 200 more countries. (This means the possibilities are huge).
  • Millions of new devices are being activated EVERY day.
  • Windows store is now achieving over 4 million app downloads per day.
  • In December 2013, Apple reported a record breaking $1 billion in sales, and in the entire year of 2013, customers spent $10 billion on apps
  • Apple rakes in an estimated $5.1 million in revenue from the app store every day
  • Google banks around $1.1 million per day
  • Android accounts for roughly 75% of all app downloads

And the thing is, this is an ongoing trend, not stopping any time soon.

On average, over 10 million android apps are downloaded every day from Google Play alone. And it is estimated, that by 2017, there could be 200 BILLION downloads.

And yet there are only around 285,000 active app developers.

And guess what else? Out of all of these millions of people buying and activating apps daily…. only 1,145 apps are being added daily on average! Worldwide, that’s it!

(Games: 134/day – non games: 1,011)

See the ginormous potential?

There are far more people getting new phones than new apps being added into the marketplace.

Apple stated recently that 90% of all apps in iTunes are downloaded every single month.

The average user has more than 100 apps on their device.

“O.k…. But creating apps is costly”

  • You’ve probably heard that if you pay a programmer to create an app for you, it could cost $1,000 or more. (Actually, many say it costs $5,000 and up).
  • If you sell to local companies, it’s typically $1,000-$5,000 for their app to be created, plus monthly maintenance fees ($50-$200+/mo)…

And if you’ve investigated most other app builders, you already know that they can charge anywhere from $99 – $149 per month for “unlimited” apps (they usually have limits of 500 published apps though if you look at the fine print)… to $39+ per month PER app.

At most times, if it’s not the cost that affects you (which that is most of it), it’s the limitations on it… or the technical know-how that’s required to figure out how to jump over hills and mountains.

If you want a bit more control and you’re willing to do it free, you need…

  • a MAC with XCode (for iphone/ipod/ipads)
  • Eclipse (for Android/Kindle)
  • and a compiler
  • and download the source code
  • and open the source code
  • and edit it and…

Frustrated yet? I was.

In my frustration, I finally gave in and decided to launch an affordable solution to help almost anyone create apps that work for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, AND Kindle. (And yes, it can do web apps too if you really want to incorporate a website into it).

These are true native apps that can be sold or given away free in the Google Play and Apple iTunes Stores.

CreateCoolApps first launched in August of 2012, (we were the first to bring it affordably), and as of March 2014 we now have over 38,600 apps created in our system!

MANY of our members are earning money each and every day with their apps… some are earning a few bucks, and others are earning over $500 per day.

I've been a member of CCA from the start, and have created and published many apps on Google Play and Amazon using nothing but this program. We've had days where we've made close to $1,000 with them (we haven't hit a grand yet, lol) and went many months without making LESS then $500.00 in a day. This was from people clicking the ads in the apps as well as buying things that we sell in them. If you're willing to learn the program, (which isn't hard) and take the time to find a niche that works, they sky's the limit.


You just need 1 “Breakthrough” to get a domino affect on your success to achieve this same thing… and I want to help you have fun, make apps, and maybe have that breakthrough.

Now obviously we cannot guarantee or claim that you will make any money here, but the above testimonial proves that people really are making money by creating and publishing apps with our system.

Consider this hypothetical scenario, using the example of selling simple games or info apps:

  • If one app gave you even just $15 a month… (that’s 50 cents a day)
  • 10 apps then gives you $150 a month…
  • 25 apps then gives you $375 a month…
  • 100 apps then gives you $1,500 a month…

Warning: I’m NOT promising you will make that kind of money. You could make that – or you could make less. Frankly, you may not make any money – that totally depends upon you, your efforts, and what you do. I’m only using this to show simple math scenarios based on the idea of having a few downloads per month. I am not selling you a business opportunity in any way.I am simply supplying the service for you to do as you wish.

Let’s be real – you may have no interest in creating info or game apps. You may prefer to sell apps to local businesses. Or maybe you have your own business that you’d like to create an app for.

And that’s great too. Regardless of the purpose of the apps, whether it’s for publicity or income, the fact is, apps can provide either an increase in sales (for local businesses), or sales of apps, or even advertising income if you have the apps free but supported by ads.

The question comes down to this: Where do you want to be in 1 month from now?… 3 months from now? …. 6 months from now?

Will you STILLbe scouring the internet for some “secret autopilot” software, reports, or affiliate programs claiming to solve all your problems?

…or are you willing to stop pounding away at the keyboard… and get in on mobile apps at the START of the industry, to finally make yourself the income you deserve (instead of reading about other people’s success stories)… when you can be living them for yourself?

All you need is one simple system that works.

I’m handing it to you at an insanely reasonable price.

  • Create Cool Apps is completely affordable for almost any budget
  • Fast Support (Usually same day if during regular business hours, Monday to Friday)
  • FAST App approvals (Learn our secret strategy for getting them done quickly)
  • More Templates than others (plus add your own) – Currently 63 but always adding more!
  • Local Offline Business Templates
  • Info App Templates
  • Simple Game Templates (quizzes, puzzles, car game)
  • Shopping/Affiliate Templates and more….


  • Private forum for members to help each other (and get staff support that’s not urgent)
  • Promote your apps to other members when live* in our special App Announcements area
  • Unlimited apps for one low price according to which level you choose
  • Additional promotional bonuses included*

(*Apps must be built using our system to promote them)

NONE of the frustrations….

  • NO “per app” monthly fees (Just one low flat monthly fee covers them all)
  • NO Set up fees
  • NO ADS on your apps! We NEVER put ads or references to us on your apps.
  • NO fees if you surpass a certain number of downloads. Heck, we WANT you to get as many downloads and users as you possibly can!
  • NO “revenue share”. We don’t take one cent of the money you make from your apps.

But what are people SAYING about Create Cool Apps?



My most successful app to date has 70,000 downloads so far. Earned about $80 from Admob and $200 in sale of back end products from Clickbank. The results are encouraging and I am creating more apps to increase my earning.

- Fitzroy

We started 4 months ago without any knowledge of the app business, and now have over 100 apps online and are MAKING MONEY every day! We have one app alone that has close to 30,000 downloads, and are SO excited about what the new year brings. We couldn’t have done it without CCA... not just the software, but the training and community are a HUGE plus as well. If you have the chance, get it!

- Nick C.

And what about the features?

  • Sync

    Add the new content for your live app and we will send your updates through the cloud to every single device that has your app

  • Push Notifications

    Pop-up messages from website to all of your users’ devices.

  • In-App Purchase

    Offer digital content such as virtual currency, expansion packs, upgrades, and more for purchase within your apps.

  • RSS Feed Reader

    Converts your RSS feed into an easy to use mobile page. Each item links to a new page with full story.

App Share

Help your customers spread the word about your app via Facebook or email.

PDF Editor

Have an unique app on the App Store and Google Play with multimedia PDF in it. Embed video and audio content in your PDF files and give your magazines or books a new life.


Publish your magazine for Newsstand (iOS 5 and higher).

  • Login Page

    Reserve access to particular pages for dedicated accounts.

  • Image Overlays

    Take a picture with camera and overlay it with funny images. Drag, move, zoom, and rotate. Then post on Facebook or email.

  • Search Application Content

    All application content is indexed. Searching by keywords will display a list of pages that contain the keyword you are looking for.

  • GPS & Directions

    Displays a location on an interactive map. Show current location and directions to the desired destination.

  • Image Mosaic

    Create image thumbnails and view images full screen with ability to slide and rotate.

  • Your Blog In Your App

    Include your mobile web page in your app. The page will load from your server.

  • Button Style Menu

    Configurable buttons. Change button style, color, icon and right side arrow images.

  • Near Me Location

    Displays a list of locations descending sorted by distance to your current locations.

  • Menu Items

    Menu items with a left side image, long description text and right side arrow. Each item is linked to a separate page.

Wheel Navigation

An interactive wheel style menu with 8 slots. Each slot opens
a separate page. Wheel image and click sound can be customized.




Calculator Page

Easily implement your most complex formula to display
a result based on user’s input.

...And Many More!!!

  • Dictionary

    A native list with multiple organization options and actions.

  • Webkit Menu

    A classic rounded corners list of menu items with icons.

  • Feedback Form

    A configurable native form to send data like GPS location, date, time, photo, photo taken with camera and custom input.

And here’s just a sampling of the templates: (Remember, there are currently over 60 templates in our system, so we’re not including them all here to save space).

Plus of course, there are blank templates for you to create from scratch if you wish!

So here’s what to do now, in 3 simple steps:

  • Order your account access level and complete your payment.
  • Return to the site for account activation.
  • Log in, and start building your apps!

Compare Levels

Starter Level (2 Apps)

  • Publish 2 personal apps (NOT unlimited)
  • All other features of Personal
Just $5 per month!
CreateCoolApps - Starter (2 apps) Account

Plus Account (5 apps)

  • Publish 5 apps (Not unlimited)
  • All other features of Corporate
Just $9.95 per month!
CreateCoolApps - Plus (5 apps) Account

Personal Account:

  • This allows you to create true native apps for yourself – not for family, friends or clients in any way.
  • YES you can earn from them with ads, in app payments etc. (And they do not have to be free apps)
  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited updates
  • Sync Content
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Purchases
  • Use Your Dev Account
  • Tech Support Included
  • Publish to Android, Kindle, iTunes, HTML5, Web
$19.95 per month
Create Cool Apps Personal

Corporate Account

(Most popular!)

  • This allows you to create true native apps for yourself AND for other businesses
  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited updates
  • Sync Content
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Purchases
  • Use Your Dev Account
  • Tech Support Included
  • Publish to Android, Kindle, iTunes, HTML5, Web
$47 per month
Create Cool Apps Corporate (Business)